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Sam's Birthday Countdown








Hey, it’s me, Sam!

This year is really weird, am I right? Because of Corona, most of us are having to celebrate our birthdays in very different ways. Unfortunately, that goes for me, too.

On December 9th, I’m turning 38, but I won’t be having a big party this year or even a small party. Instead, I have this website!

I have two requests for my birthday:

  • money for an espresso machine
  • a voice message from you

We’re on lockdown again over here in Germany, and no one really knows when it will be relaxed. We can only meet with two other people at a time, and we’re supposed to keep our contacts as low as possible.

If you know anything about me, you know that birthdays are really important to me. I think it’s essential to celebrate every year we’re gifted on this earth–even a crappy year like 2020. Usually, I have big, multi-day celebrations and try and gather all the people I love. This year, I have to make the best of a lonely situation.


Celebrate with me:

The Espresso Machine

If 45 friends give the equivalent of 10€ ($12), I’ll have enough!

  • Sam’s Goal: 445€ 100% 100%

My apartment is almost my ideal coffee shop. The only thing I’m missing is an espresso machine.

This is the Sage Bambino Plus. I found out about it while watching James Hoffman compare espresso machines under 500£. It’s the right size for my kitchen. It seems to pull consistent shots and seems to be a good entry-level machine that won’t require modifications.

Sage Bambino Plus – 399€
Sage Knockbox – this helps empty the portafilter and holds the used grounds – 29.25€
Sage Unpressurized Portafilter – this makes better espresso – 15.66€ (with shipping)


Everyone who donates will receive a coupon to get a free espresso drink from Cafe Sam!

Sam's espresso wishlist
Step 1: Let me know where to send your free coffee coupon!

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Step 2: Give! And make sure you uncheck the “goods and services” box or else PayPal will take a fee!

The Messages

You know what’s great? Love.

You know what’s really great? Being loved.

You know what’s really really great? Getting video messages from people you love on your birthday!

Hit “Record Video” below and then tap the red record button.

Come and See Me

When: Saturday, Dec 12

Where: The Space – Zossener Straße 41